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2021: A Year Filled With Lincoln Love

2021 was a year filled with helping others, acts of kindness, and coming together to help our communities. At Lincoln Savings Bank, we call this Lincoln Love. It’s a part of who we are and the core values that our employees live out. Spreading kindness by helping others and the community is what ultimately brings us all together.

Reflecting on a Year of Giving Back

Lincoln Love in 2021

As we reflect on 2021, it was not a completely normal year by any means, but seeing how we were able to help our communities in person again was one for the highlight reel. In 2021, LSB and our employees were able to help our communities by donating to numerous organizations, volunteering countless hours, holding food drives, planting trees, delivering pine tree kits, participating in various programs to help families in need during the holiday season, sending holiday cards to active military, and so much more.

The LSB Foundation is another way we strengthen our communities and give back. In 2021 alone, the LSB Foundation is proud to have gifted $225,662.19 in donations and impacted 155 organizations through gifts. Plus, the foundation has donated $270,761 in sponsorship donations in 2021. LSB takes pride in the lasting impact that has been made through Lincoln Love.

Continuing the Lincoln Love Tradition

Lincoln Savings Bank, along with our employees, have been giving back to the communities we serve since 1902, and we will be continuing to do so for many decades to come. Lincoln Love is one tradition that will never grow old because it’s what being a community bank is all about – spreading kindness by giving back to the communities we serve. As you continue to see acts of kindness performed in the community, it might just be LSB spreading some Lincoln Love.

Help us continue to spread Lincoln Love in 2022! Check out our open positions now and become part of an organization that cares about helping our communities and those within it to thrive.


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